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At least once a week I’ll post a few blurbs from the news that caught my eye, but didn’t earn a full posting. The first half will include “good news” from the realms of science– technology, biology, medicine, astronomy, et cetera. The second half will be made up of “bad news” from the realms of magic and mystery– conspiracies, pareidolia, ghosts, cryptozoology, psychics, religion, astrology, et cetera, ad nauseum. Without further ado…

Good News

  • NASA Successfully Tests Parachute for Ares Rocket – Rockets are heavy. Dropping them from 35 miles requires some badass parachutes. Video will be available Monday.
  • New HIV Inhibitor – New drug blocks the virus’ ability to integrate with healthy cells.

    In order to participate, patients needed to have more than 1,000 copies of HIV-1 RNA per milliliter of blood while receiving antiretroviral therapy. After 48 weeks, 62.1 percent of raltegravir recipients had HIV-1 RNA levels below 50 copies per milliliter of blood compared with 32.9 percent in the placebo group.

Bad News

And speaking of Bigfoot…

  • Bigfoot Body!!!1! – I don’t know how long this story has been around, but I first got wind of it this week. They claim to have a body, but they won’t show anyone until September 1st. Until then, you are welcome to sign up for their next bigfoot tracker expedition, conveniently taking place September 4th! Only $499!


    Except for customers, of course.


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