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I am speaking not of the unscientific creationist bumblesnot which threatens to infiltrate our educational systems– Not now, at least. I am speaking of the design of this website, which will be evolving (not by natural selection, but by my almighty fingertips) over the next few weeks until it matches the concept I have in my head. I’m not sure I will leave it on the WordPress servers. They are nice, but I might require more control. They want $15 just to let me edit the CSS. Meh.


What a wonderful little messed up planet you have here!

Don’t get me wrong– there are a lot of really awesome things going on all over this rock, every day. A lot! But so many of you are living in a self-inflicted Dark Age! What is this astrology nonsense? And feng shui? And homeopathy? And Intelligent Design? And please, what is your infatuation with crystals?!

I can remain silent no more. Pseudoscience will be the end of you. My approach, however, will not be to rant about the vast ocean of intellectual vacancy I see before me, but to rave about the good things, the amazing feats of intelligence that are happening every day. After all, education is far more productive than ridicule. (Occasionally though, I may point my finger and have a grand belly laugh at the expense of those who misuse their little brains. They deserve it.) Do I expect to change the world? No, not entirely. Like a black hole, once you’ve crossed the event horizon of incredulity, there is little hope for you. I can only frown and wave bye bye. Instead, I write for those still spinning around in the accretion disk, who are not yet enlightened by the scientific method, but have not yet been sucked into the oblivion of illogical thinking. If I can save one human being from throwing money away on a useless sugar pill, I will have achieved something admirable.

That’s the gist of it. Hope you’ll stick around.

-The AC

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